Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Finding Love In The New Year

The Holidays are upon us, and the Holidays are a time of spending time with our loved ones.  It is that time of year when we appreciate those who are close to us.  With the Holiday Season comes the New Year, and the New Year is a time for new beginnings, a time to make those New Year Resolutions.

The New Year is coming soon, and with the prophecy of the Mayans coming on the 21st of December, it will really be a time of new beginnings.  So whatever your New Year's Resolutions may be, whether living healthier, spending more time with the ones you love, improving yourself overall, or even finding love, this may be the perfect time to follow through with these resolutions.

The Holiday season is a time of love, whether it's family, that special someone, or whoever, and maybe this could be the time you find that special someone.  With all the mistletoe and New Year's Eve, this is the time to give or get that special kiss from that special someone.

How will you be spending your Holidays?  Hopefully with the one's you love, and even more hopefully with that special someone.  You may now have a significant other, and if so, then now is the time to let them know how special they are to you, but if you do not have someone, maybe now is the best time to find that special someone.

Being alone for the Holidays is not the way to go, so hopefully we can find someone special to spend the time with.  Finding someone to love does not have to be as hard as it seems.  We just have to know where to find that person to love.  A lot of times we go about it the wrong way.  We've all gone through the ups and  downs of relationships, but if we can be positive, maybe we will find someone to spend New Year's Eve with and get that special kiss at the stroke of midnight.  On the other hand, if we don't, maybe we will find somebody in the new year.

Because this is the time for new beginnings, this is now the time to find someone new.  A lot of us are shy and do not know what to say when we see someone we would like to approach when we are out and about.    A lot of times we worry we will make a bad first impression.  These things happen.  We live and learn.  We cannot let this fear scare us into being alone.

So if we learn from our past mistakes, we can all prosper in the new year and find that special someone to be with!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

November -- National Blog Month

I haven't posted anything as far as a blog lately.  I just haven't had a lot on my mind lately, well, at least nothing coherent that was worth posting, but I've also haven't had much time lately.

With that being said, I understand November is National Blog Month.  I just thought I'd take some time to blog about something regarding that.  Since this is National Blog Month, maybe we should all blog about something that comes to mind.  With the Election, rapidly approaching Holiday Season, and many topics trending online, I'm sure we have something we can write about.

Blogging is an exciting way to write about what's on our minds.  It can help us get things off our chests when something gets to us.  It feels good to express what is going on.

Posting on your blog regularly keeps your blog fresh with new content.  If you want visitors to your blog you need to post regularly to keep it up to date and keep it ranked in the search engines.  Sometimes we could be going in different directions and lose time to do something such as blogging, making your blog become stale.  That's what's happened to me, so if you're like me, you don't want to make your blog go stale.  When you get the chance, take some time to blog.  There's plenty of things that occur in your life that you can blog about.  There's also trending topics that often change with new ones every so often that you can blog about.

With that being said, tonight is the Louisiana State University Tigers versus the University of Alabama Crimson Tide battling it out on the Gridiron.  This will be the rematch of the National BCS Championship games where the Tigers lost to the Crimson Tide; nevertheless, it will be an awesome match.

So blog about something that's on your mind.  Make it long or short, however you want.

Friday, August 10, 2012

A Life-Changing "Accidental" Discovery

Does this sound familiar?

You've read all the personal development books, you've attended all the self-help seminars, you've done many things you can think of.  You've worked hard, very hard.

Yet after all that studying and hard work, what do you have to show for it?  Nothing?  You may ask yourself, "why am I not where I want to be financially, mentally, or spiritually?

Fortunately, some people were able to answer that question.  That, and many other questions through "accidental" discovery.

Despite what you may think, it is possible to get the keys to manifestation and an abundance of the universe. It is possible to discover that which breaks you free from limited thinking and finally getting what you want in life!

This "Accidental" Discovery is brilliant and full of instruction in the science and art of self-realization.  Many people have read this and were opened up to a new world of positive thinking.  With all the negativity going on, we need people who want to rise above the rest and actually walk the walk instead of talk the talk.

We want to make something of ourselves, and we can do this!

Expect miracles,


P.S You're just a step away from your answers!


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Weekly Review of Licking The Glass House

Another weekly review of The Glass House is here.  Oh joy.  Oh joy. 

Again this week, I shall switch between Lizard Lick Towing and The Glass House.  Personally, I think The Glass House should be moved to Lizard Lick, North Carolina.  Ron is looking to take his crew to the beach the next day.  However, today is a work day with a nighttime repo that is still on schedule. 

The Glass House is 5 minutes late again this week.  Why does The Bachelorette run 5 minutes over?  Last week, Robin and Erica went to limbo.  Robin was team captain of the losing team last week.  The Glass House has divided.  We learn that Andrea is against gay marriage which upsets Jeffery.  Joy has no respect for Kevin, and name calling is taking place much lick what happens on Lizard Lick Towing when it comes to repossessing a vehicle from those delinquent on their payments.

There’s a fire burning at The Lick much like what’s going on in The Glass House.  The difference being that the fire in The Glass House is metaphoric.  Somebody from whom Ron and Bobby are trying to repossess a truck gets angry and starts shooting and setting fires.  Also, it turns out Johnny didn’t sell the candy that was to help raise funds for the Church camp, yet he had brought money from what was thought to be from the sale of the candy.  Where did Johnny get the money from?  Can’t trust that guy.  Some angry people show up at Lizard Lick Towing.  It gets so bad the cops show up for this fiasco.  After the cops get those angry assholes away the Lizard Lick crew head for the beach, but not before Juicy feels the need to shop for the proper beach attire. 

Commercials are now on both channels.  Which show is more interesting?  It’s up for debate.

Anyway, we are back to The Glass House.  I cannot remember many of the players’ names.  Joy and the older guy argue about how she is playing the game, specifically her supposedly playing Gene.  Ah, the older guy’s name is Mike.  The argument results in him and Joy agreeing to disagree.  Now comes the Viewers’ choice of who gets to share beds.  Will a bromance come out of this?  Who will come back from limbo and who will leave the game for good?  The house is divided, and one group wants Robin back. 

At the beach the Lizard Lick crew, well Bobby, finds a dune buggy that’s been on their repo list.  Even with a day at the beach they still do work.  They plan to repossess the dune buggy.  They do this by having Bobby test drive it while Juicy becomes the distraction. 

At The Glass House, Robin is leaving forever, and Erica returns to the games.  Erica gets her welcome, but it doesn’t last long as the drama continues.

The Lizard Lick crew got the dune buggy while enjoying a day at the beach.  Crazy Dave lost his swim trunks and the beach patrol shows up.  This ends this episode of Lizard Lick Towing, and another episodes starts.

At The Glass House, it’s time to find out who will be the team captains for the next challenge.  It’s…Holly and Ashley; one of whom will go to limbo.

I asked which show is more interesting.  Personally, I like watching a show dealing with repossessions.  There’s more action going on in addition to the drama.  Bobby gets lost going through the woods trying to scout the vehicle to be repossessed and gets caught.  This repo is from some moonshiners.  I guess it’s coming from when making this distilled whiskey was and is still illegal, but these moonshiners act like anti-government sovereign citizens who may want to make their own nation separate from the of the United States so they can make their moonshine according to their own laws.

So how about some moonshine in The Glass House?  Two people from the same side of the house are the team captains.  The strategy here is that one captain will pick all players from the other side to guarantee someone from the other side goes to limbo.  Stephanie is made the sacrificial lamb.  Team Ashley is up first.  The challenge is balancing a ball on a disk and bring it to the other side and make the ball drop in a cylinder.  The challenge is complete when 3 balls are in the cylinder, so the object is to get this done as quickly as possible. 

At The Lick, Ron and Bobby are going to repo a livestock trailer.  A fight breaks out.  No surprise there. 

Team Holly is now up.  They get off to a rough start but soon get the hang of it as they get their 3 balls in. 

Ron and Bobby got the trailer with Mortimer the bull inside.  Bobby likes taking care of the bull until the licked cowboys come to pick up the bull.

At The Glass House, Ashley’s team lost so she will go to limbo.  Will Kevin be sent to limbo with her?  The votes are cast.  Stephanie and Kevin get 4 votes each before we go to commercial.

To show Bobby appreciation, a barbeque is prepared.  Bobby’s ex-fiancĂ©e Mickey shows up, which creates a somber mood at The Lick.  Amy does not like Mickey in case you didn’t know because of what Mickey did to Bobby, yet Bobby is still in love with her.  Ron finds Mickey on Amy’s computer and tells her to leave.  How will this drama unfold?

At The Glass House, it appears Kevin is the one sent to limbo with Ashley. 

So there you have another episode of The Lizard Lick Glass House.  Stay tuned next week for more drama and intense action.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Glass House Episode 3 Review: The Lizard Lick Glass House in the Big Easy

I missed last week’s episode of The Glass House due to being on vacay and having too much fun to take time to watch.  I was also switching between last night’s episode and Lizard Lick Towing.  Of course, The Bachelorette ran over.   

Since the episode of Lizard Lick seemed interesting, I had to switch between the two shows.  Which one is more interesting?

So The Glass House finally comes on 5 minutes after 9 Central Time.  Like I said, I didn’t get to watch last week’s episode due to being on vacay, but we do know that the viewers voted out Alex last week, and Jacob quit after being sent to Limbo.  I do find it ironic that the viewers voted out Alex after they wanted him to be so obnoxious and cause drama in the house.  Could the viewers have wanted him to act that way so they could vote him out?  Kind of like being set up to fail.  Anyway, at the start of this episode, Apollo and Holly are in Limbo.

This is when I decided to go to Lizard Lick.  On Lizard Lick Towing, Bobby and Ron are trying to repo a vehicle from a group of Civil War Re-enactors.  I felt I needed to watch this episode to see what would happen after Johnny (Ron’s cousin) tried to put the moves on Amy (Ron’s wife in case you didn’t already know).  What happened was Ron wanted Amy to take Johnny to lunch because of some supposed good deed of selling candy for a kid’s church group.  I had to see what would go down so I went back and forth between The Glass House and Lizard Lick.

Now back to The Glass House.  Now it’s the Robin Show.  Robin and Erica had a confrontation about Robin stealing someone’s thunder when Stephanie was talking about her marriage.  It is not easy to keep up with a show such as The Glass House.  The other contestants were wondering if they stood a chance against Stephanie.  Due to her sob story, the others seem to think they would not stand a chance against her.  With that, who will return to the Glass House? Apollo or Holly?  We find out after commercial.

Back from commercial.  Apollo is out and Holly is back in thanks to the viewer’s votes.  Also thanks to the viewer’s votes, Gene and Mike get to share the Friend’s Room.  It appears the flirt Joy likes to flirt with both guys and girls.  Next, it’s down to picking the captains for the next challenge.  The two captains are Ashley and Robin.  Again the losing team’s captain and another player on the losing team get sent to Limbo.  The contestants with the least amount of votes become the team captains.

So now I go back to Lizard Lick.  Amy is very angry at Johnny, and who could blame her?  Someone whose vehicle got repossessed threw Ron’s phone into the lake.  It turns out Johnny the ever-so con man thought he could take advantage of Ron and put the moves on Amy.  So of course Johnny and Ron got into it and told Johnny to leave.  Amy and Bobby never trusted Johnny in the first place.  You just can’t trust someone who’s been in prison.  Sure he claimed to have changed for the better, but anyone can claim that.  Of course Ron felt obligated to trust a family member, and that’s why he did, but he soon did see the writing on the wall.

So ends this half hour episode of Lizard Lick Towing.

Now another episode of Lizard Lick.  Ron and Bobby were given a too good to be true job in the Big Easy.  Of course Amy was very skeptical about this, so she decides to go down to New Orleans.

Now back to The Glass House.  As team captain, Robin wanted to pick a team that would win.  Of course I’d like to win the challenge so I as team captain don’t go to Limbo.  The challenge was to bob for gross stuff.   The object of this challenge was to guess the task the viewers wanted the contestants to perform and the contestant had to perform the task.  If they guessed the wrong task they would get a penalty.  Ashley’s team won so Robin and one of her teammates will be going to Limbo.

Now in New Orleans, the Lizard Lick team had to repossess a truck and had to unattach a float.  Amy then made it down to New Orleans.  She does not like how Dwight, the guy who gave them the job and paid half upfront, runs his business.  Ron and Bobby then had to repossess a hearse with a coffin in it.  It seems the Big Easy is not so easy for the Repo Business.

Guests from The Bachelor visit The Glass House to reveal the viewer’s answers to the contestant’s questions.   One of the answers state that the viewers do not want Holly to stay.

Lizard Lick.  Bobby is running from the people from whom the hearse was repossessed.  The Lizard Lick team allowed them to take the casket out of the hearse which turned out to be a huge mistake.

It turns out there is something shady about Dwight.  The Lizard Lick team goes to collect their fee from him, but Dwight told them they had to have the casket.  Because the casket was not with the hearse this job was considered incomplete.  Therefore an argument ensues and both sides are angry.  A fight breaks out and Dwight throws them out of his office, and so back they go to Lizard Lick.  It’s possible that Dwight was in cahoots with the people who had the hearse repossessed from them.  They were the ones who convinced the Lizard Lick Team that the casket could be kept by the ones who got licked.  I think Dwight got them to do that so he would not have to pay the Lizard Lick team for the job.  Dwight is a con artist.

So now I go back to The Glass House, but it is too late so I didn’t get to see who went to Limbo with Robin as the local news was on by the time I switched back to ABC.  Then again, a show like Lizard Lick Towing is more exciting than a show like The Glass House.

The only connection with the Lizard Lick Glass House in the Big Easy is that Ashley is from the city where the Lizard Lick team got licked. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Season Premier of Glass House Recap

So I decided to watch the premier of ABC's Glass House last night.  Could this be a Big Brother knock-off?  Critics seem to think so.  The show deals with contestants put into a glass house, so it is similar to Big Brother in a sense. 

The exception is the viewers control the contestants' actions. There's Alex, a Bail Bondsman from Dallas, a Mormon named Andrea, Ashley from New Orleans, and Apollo, a poet/author.  Wow!  The house is made of glass, I think.  They enter by coming up a glass elevator 2 at a time.  It's made to look like they're coming from the depths of Hell.  Stephanie claims to not be an actress/model type.  In fact, she's a Mensa member who's married with 3 kids.  Alex already seems full of himself. 

The "big brother", more of a big sister calls the contestants together and the first challenge is East vs West, as chosen by the viewers.  Both teams are given one day to choose a team captain, but being team captain can be risky as the captain of the losing team is sent to limbo along with another member of the losing team by vote of the contestants.  Nomination for elimination on this show is called Limbo.   

The contestants are then shown to their rooms.  An enemies room has Holly and Robin, the youngest and oldest in the house respectively.  The friends room is Erica and some other girl who's name I couldn't catch.  The chimes are heard when the viewers weigh in. 

Mardi Gras stuff is given to the contestants for the pool party.  I still have plenty of this year's Spanish Town beads to give if anybody wants them.  Kiss and love is the party game.  This game involves passing a card from a deck of cards to the person next to you by breathing in and holding the card on your lips.  Sushi is also the food chosen. 

So far, this show has so much going on so fast.  Will there be boring live feeds of houseguests doing nothing?  Maybe not 24/7 feeds, but there are live webisodes you can see during certain times.   

Its down to the wire to pick team captains for the challenge.  Jacob was talked into volunteering to be team captain for the West Team.  Of course, he did not know that his home state of Oregon is in the west.  As I said, the captain of the losing team goes into limbo.  Jeffery volunteered to be captain for the East Team.  

Apollo decides to use cards to vote people into limbo.  Yeah that could work while trying not to personally target anyone.  Alphabet strategy, anyone?  Time for the first challenge.  One team member will be voted into limbo with the team captain of the losing team. 

There's lack of communucation on the West Team.  One person was saying do this, but another was saying no do that. 

Alex screams one thing, and Apollo screams another.  Everything this team thought was absolutely backwards, but the West Team finally figured it out and finished the puzzle.   

Now the East Team.  Stephanie becomes like a Co-Captain, and thanks to her intelligence, the East Team gets the puzzle done quicker than the West Team.  Final times: West finishes in  7:04, and East finishes in 3:54.

Therefore, the East Team wins and is safe for the week.  As Team Captain, Jacob is going to limbo this week.  Who will go with him?  

Could Alex already be causing tension in the Glass House?  Kevin, the Police Sergeant, seems irritated with his antics, especially when he tried to hump Stephanie while wearing womens underwear. 

Alex and Kevin are already becoming enemies.  Stephanie did take it better than Kevin did.  Alex wants to be interesting by causing drama in the house.  He is pissing the others off, and he is going to push everybody's buttons now that the viewers have answered his question on whether he should be the villain of the house.   

Alex then decides to attack Joy, the mom who is a Nurse and once posed for Playboy.  He decides to make Joy cry while Gene wants to console her.  Could Gene be playing the nice guy?  Really?  

Jacob is already walking around defeated while Joy is trying to pump him up.  Apollo decides it's time to pull out the cards to help him determine his vote for sending someone to limbo.  Based on the cards dealt, Apollo's vote goes to Ashley when it comes time to vote.  Alex also votes Ashley.   

Alex gets the most votes and is voted into limbo with Jacob. 

It turns out Jacob quit the game after being sent to limbo, but this does not mean Alex automatically goes back into the Glass House.  The viewers still have to vote for Alex to return to the game, which is highly possible they will if they want to be him become a villain.   

So, what do you think of the premier of Glass House?  Will you vote Alex back into the game?  Give your thoughts on the Glass House and watch the online live webisodes.   

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Clinton warns of Iran sanctions

EU forces big mobile price cuts

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) -- Suspected Maoist rebels in eastern India who held up a train carrying 300 passengers Wednesday ended their siege after a four-hour standoff, officials said.

An election official in Maharashtra Wednesday says Maoist rebels seized the train as India continued to vote.

No one was hurt, said A.K. Chandra of India's east-central railway. The suspected rebels seized the train, apparently to protest that some former comrades are taking part in general elections that are under way in the country.

The Maoists didn't want the former rebels "to join the mainstream, and, therefore, stopped this train," said Sarvendu Tathagat, deputy commission of the Latehar district in the state of Jharkhand.

Jharkhand is a mineral-rich state where rebels -- known as the Naxalites -- claim to have been fighting for the rights of the poor and the dispossessed who have not benefited from the state's resources.

About 300 men, apparently unarmed, boarded the train, disabling its braking system as it passed through a dense forest.
The hijackers released the train after "persuasion" by area villagers and railway officials, Chandra said.
"They wanted your (media) presence," he said of the hijackers' possible motive.
Jharkhand has seen stepped-up deadly attacks by rebels while the country is in the midst of month-long general elections. The second round of the elections begin Thursday.
On April 16, when the voting began, suspected rebels triggered an explosion that forced a bus carrying border security troops to stop in the same Latehar district.
When the troops stepped out, the attackers killed at least six in a three-hour gun battle.
And in neighboring Bihar state, suspected Maoists, who had called for a general strike, set ei ght trucks on fire, shot dead a driver, and blew up a government office on Wednesday, police said.
The Maoist insurgency has claimed more than 6,000 lives since the late 1960s. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has called the rebels India's biggest security threat.
The elections, covering more than 3 million square kilometers of the planet, will run until next month in several stages of scattered polling. Then, elections officials will count the vote electronically in a single day -- on May 16, three days after the last round of polling.
It is an exercise that India undertakes every five years for its 1 billion-plus population. This year, the country is voting in 543 boroughs of the Lok Sabha, or the lower house of the Indian parliament.

Stop Thinking Start Doing

Stop Thinking Start Doing...This is the way I believe we should live like.  By thinking too much about doing something, we end up not doing it; thus, we regret not doing it or hope for another chance to do it.  Unfortunately, if we hope for another chance, when that chance comes, we may end up not taking it.  This is because we had more time to think about it, making us hesitate to doing it, and we keep putting it off.

Someone once told me, "the more you think about it, the more you miss."  To me, this is so true.  If you think about things too much, you end up missing out.  We should not miss out on anything.  Thinking about something leads to over-analyzing, which forces us to find something to fear about doing that thing.  This is why we should be spontaneous, and when something comes to mind, we should just do it.

We should do it before we have a chance to think about it, before our peers advise we should not.  Too many factors in the equation can cause conflict, which can lead to more analyzing, which in turn will give more cons than pros as to why we should do it.  In the battle of negative versus positive, negative always wins.  Negative is the bad apple that spoils the bunch.  Throughout time, bad has always overpowered good, not the other way around.  Thereby, we cannot keep the door open for negativity to enter; we have to get on it right away before the negativity can come through.

This is why people lack confidence.  This is why people lack assurance.  People think too much and don't do enough.  Before the negativity can come in, we need to stop thinking and start doing.  When given an opportunity, that is the door opening to invite you in.  We need to let go of our thoughts and accept that invitation.  It's like the movie Yes Man, we need to say "yes" to the opportunity, and greatness will come.  Why?  Because YOU accepted the invitation.  YOU said "yes".  Therefore, you will become successful.  And guess what?  YOU will NOT regret it!

Also, thinking causes you to hold back.  That's because if you think too much, you will find reasons not to do.  You will find more reasons to not do than you will to do.  So jump at the opportunity!  This is the opportunity telling you to take it!

The world is a negative place, all with the down economy, unemployment, corrupt governments, etc.  Do NOT be part of the negativity!  Rise above it.  Don't think about it, DO IT!

I really believe in Stop Thinking Start Doing.  This is why I decided to put it on a T-shirt.  I feel the need to share this with the world, for the good of the human race that each person will achieve what they are capable of, and not thinking about it, but doing it!

So please check out my Zazzle store with the Stop Thinking Start Doing T-shirt.  Also, I have a coffee mug with this saying.

By not thinking but instead doing, you will achieve something great, and you will feel great about yourself!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Motivating Yourself to Lose Weight

Life is tough, and you need energy and motivation to work.  There are times we want to do something to lose weight, but we can’t because of that lack of will to do so.  Success comes to those who stay motivated and work towards their goals whether it is related to business or weight loss.  When one is motivated from inside, that person can undertake any job and succeed with flying colors.

There are strategies to help you get inspired and motivated to pursue your goals.  Some are listed below.  Read on and prepare yourself for a new life.

  • Take a break- When you do not feel like doing anything, you may need a break.  Hard work takes a lot of our energy, and the body gives signs that it needs a break from its routine.  Take one or two breaks from work so your mind and body can relax.  If you work out, take a break from your workout schedule to give your body some rest. 

  • Start from smaller things- Setting big goals is good but they should also be achievable.  Once you set small goals and achieve them, a sense of confidence is instilled in your mind and you become ready to set bigger goals and work towards them.  Working out for two hours at a time may not be your cup of tea.  Start with half an hour and then move forward.

  • Bring some changes in your sports and fitness routine- You need to find out what you can do best.  If you think running is a better form of exercise, make sure you add it to your fitness routine.  Make changes in your work out regime frequently so you don’t get bored.  Variety will work for you.

  • Reward yourself- Motivation comes from rewards.  When you do not feel like doing anything, reward yourself with something you like.  Take a Jacuzzi bath, get a massage, or treat yourself with some tasty food, just to revive your mood.

  • Make weight loss programs pleasurable and not painful- It has been proven by Psychologists that people tend to connect their actions with either pain or pleasure.  When you find yourself lacking in motivation, you must think about the results that will keep you motivated.  When you don’t feel like going to the health club, think about the benefits it will bring to you and not about how boring it will be for you to run on the treadmill.  You really need to motivate yourself to lose weight and get yourself a good and healthy life.
So to recap, motivation is what it takes to accomplish your goals.  To stay motivated, you need to take breaks so you can refresh and be ready to continue with achieving your goals.  Also, start small.  Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Get out of routine and try new things as this will make life more interesting.  Reward yourself for a job well done, and finally, have fun.  This will make you want to go out and achieve your goals.  This is what motivation is all about.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Are Your Employees Motivated?

In today’s hectic world, it is not uncommon for people to lose enthusiasm for their work. At a time when employers are looking for ways to cut costs and people around us are losing their homes and jobs, the desire to work efficiently is faltering among many employees. The last thing companies can afford is lost passion and productivity among employees. In fact, at this crucial time companies should encourage employees to be more creative and productive to fight the financial crunch.

With the right approach, employers can motivate their employees to give their best to their work. The following tips will help.

• Try to identify employee problems and show concern for them. Do your employees really feel respected and heard? Take some time to interact with them and address their problems. Informal interaction lets you get to know them as individuals and understand what you can do to motivate them. If you can inspire your employees to take suitable steps, they will bring more energy and passion towards their work.

• Build up and communicate your organizational vision to your employees. Employees will be better motivated if they are well acquainted with the purpose and goals towards which they will work for their company. Speak out a clear vision with enthusiasm and passion to see your employees working to the best of their ability. Instill confidence in every employee that their work really makes a difference.

• Employers should address the inefficient teamwork. Working with an effective team can yield remarkable improvements in motivation and morale, but on the contrary, even if the most motivated employee is part of a dysfunctional team, that employee will probably not be able to maintain enthusiasm for his or her work.

• A team leader’s behavior and attitude sets the basis for the whole organization; therefore, be the role model. Employees constant watch their employers and take the lead if their leaders are enthusiastic. Engage troops with enthusiasm and observe what is happening around you carefully.

• Respectful communication is very important. Intimidation and fear can motivate employees to take action, but the results are not sustainable. Therefore, respect the difference of opinions. Employers should truly foster the right to have various opinions. By giving employees freedom to work towards their goals, you can see premium results.

• Employees should be able to bring their creativity to their work. They will be inspired to work better if they have challenges to meet. By allowing them to make decisions and encourage mutual problem solving, you can see the difference in the quality of their work. You should also encourage feedback and suggestions to let them know their opinion matters.

These tips will encourage better morale in the workplace. Management style is a vital factor when it comes to employee motivation. Thereby, how an organization is run can be a deciding factor in how employees feel about doing their job. If employees are not happy, they will not be motivated to do well, which will eventually lead the company as a whole to not do well. It is up to you, the employer, to decide how you will motivate your employees to be a driving force to the success of the company.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Diet Motivation- Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Diet motivation may be necessary for those who have difficulty in following a meal plan for losing weight.  If you are on a specified meal plan then diet motivation can assist you with setting up a clear-cut weight loss goal that will make you determined to accomplish it in any way.  If you are having trouble following a meal plan, it is important for you to consider some tips for successful weight loss.     

Tips for Successful Weight Loss

Set reasonable weight loss goals:  Do not set unrealistic goals like losing around 30lbs in two months.  You will get under extreme pressure to do all the things at once that will eventually mess up your chances to achieve desired success.

Simply focus on health and create sensible meal plans -- set achievable, small goals such as shedding off five lbs or dropping off one dress size.  It will reduce your stress and fears, and you will feel confident and easy.

Measure your body:  When on a diet, it is imperative that you measure your entire body, including your waist, hips, bust, upper arms and butt.  After every two weeks, re-measure your body, as just losing half an inch can do wonder.

Change your attitude:  Shedding off weight is a gradual procedure, so be prepared and don’t quit prior to achieving your goal.  This will include changes in your lifestyle and will certainly not happen overnight.  There is a more likely chance of keeping off the weight when you drop it slowly and in a healthy way.  If you try to hurry, you may make some fatal mistakes that could further affect your health.  If you try short cuts to lose weight such as potions, diet pills, magic formulas, or whatever they try to sell you on those late night infomercials, those short cuts could actually hurt your diet motivation.  This is because when you stop taking these short cuts, you will start putting back on the weight you lost without even realizing it.  On the other hand, when you follow a healthy, sensible, and slow weight loss program of about 1 lb each week, you would not feel the pressure of doing it.

Setback, no big issue:  It is quite obvious that you will face certain temptations.  This happens in all circumstances.  It is perfectly ok.  Just do not allow even a single splurge to turn into all out binge.  Do not see it as failure and a reason to give up all of your efforts.  Ignore it and continue on with your diet plan.

Do not forget to reward yourself:  Remaining on diet is one the toughest tasks to do.  Thus, small rewards every now and then can actually serve as the incentive to keep going.  Set small goals and reward yourself when you accomplish them.  Rewards can be in form of a massage, a pair of stylish footwear, a hot bath, or even a pair of jeans.  Take it and wish yourself success on what you have achieved so far.     

Diet motivation is of utmost importance to a healthy and fit body.  Try it an you will be happy you did, not to mention feel good about yourself.                   

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Regain Your Motivation

Do you ever feel that you have lost your motivation and you want to get it back?   Often times, people feel that their motivation levels are decreasing or diminishing.   When a situation like that occurs, you may feel struck and not able to move forward.   This could gradually lead to frustration.

If you want to regain your motivation, you should not forget that inspiration is different from motivation.   Motivation is the external source that encourages a person and gives that person ideas; whereas, inspiration is something that comes from your own self and ideas and encouragement is your own.   When all this comes from inside, you will be inspired to work.   Inspiration leads one to take action which is the key of achieving what you want.  Whether it is about making changes in your life, expanding your business, or getting closer to the dreams, inspiration is the key.

Inspiration drops when one indulges in monotonous routine.   Doing the same thing again and again decreases inspiration in a lot of cases.   When the inspiration wanders off, the drive to work towards the goal also decreases.   Sometimes people just want to take a break and reevaluate what they are making out of their lives.   This is a good way to regain that lost inspiration because you will be able to figure out what changes can be made in your actions and plans.

Taking break from work means different things for different people.   You should figure out what that break means for you.   You may also decide to take a break for rejuvenation and to have fun.   Knowing what you will do when you take a break is important, and you should decide on that beforehand.   Taking a break from what you are currently doing can lead to a feeling of apprehension. All the fears and thoughts that you are wasting time on will be realized.   Therefore, you just need to keep moving and face your fears head on.

Identify Your Motivation

• Examine-Check what you like doing the most.   Every job has something that you will find thrilling.
• Brainstorm- Think about all the tasks that you have undertaken and the things you like doing.
• Initiate- Do the things that you like doing and this will help you in regaining the lost motivation.

Motivators to One’s Success

While evaluating the tasks that motivate you, consider the following motivators:

• Does your life need organization?   Is disorganization stealing your motivation?
• Did you take a break recently?   All of us need to take a break for rejuvenation.
• Do not give up on the work you have undertaken in a jiffy.   Try to be a person who can see through positivism in every situation.   Also, try to give your best shot in everything that you do.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012