Saturday, December 10, 2011

Let Your Kids Make Their Own Christmas Decorations

Do you plan on decorating your home for the holidays this year?  When it comes to decorating for Christmas, many people just head to the department store or specialty shop.  Buying your Christmas decorations is a great way to get what you need, but did you know that this is not your only option?  If you are a parent, you should let your children make their own Christmas decorations.  You will find that there are literally an unlimited number of benefits to having your children make decorations. 

One of the greatest benefits to letting your children make their own Christmas decorations is the feeling that they will get with a finished product.  No matter the age of your children, there is a good chance that they will be pleased with their finished products, whether that be a Christmas tree ornament or a Christmas picture, and since the whole point of Christmas decorations is to decorate, your children will be pleased to see their works of art hanging on your walls or on the Christmas tree.  As a parent, that could, hands down, be the biggest reason why you should allow your kids to make their own Christmas decorations.

In addition to how proud they will feel, you should also let your children make their own Christmas decorations because it should be relatively easy and a fun process.  When it comes to making Christmas decorations, you will likely find that you have many of the supplies needed.  If not, you can easily purchase craft supplies, including Christmas supplies, from your local craft store or local dollar store.  The supplies you may need to purchase don’t even have to be just for Christmas decorations.  You can use the leftover supplies for other projects or even other holidays.  That is one of the many reasons why having your children make their own Christmas decorations costs less than buying store bought ones. 

Although this article had a focus on letting your children make their own Christmas decorations, you may want to join in the process as well.  Not only can you give your children decoration ideas, but you can also enjoy some quality time with them.  Christmas is all about family; therefore, by making Christmas decorations with your children, you and your family will be off to the right start.  Whether you help out a little bit or make your own Christmas decorations, you and your children will likely enjoy the time that is being spent together. 

Once the Christmas decorations have been made, they will need to be displayed.  When displaying your children’s homemade Christmas decorations, it is important that you give them time to dry, especially if paint or glue was used.  This extra time will help to ensure that the hard work put into the decorations doesn’t go to waste.  When the time is right, you and your children could spend the rest of the day or evening decorating your home for Christmas.  What better way to end out the perfect day then letting your children help you hang their handmade treasures.
Children Can Make Christmas Decorations

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Holiday Craft Idea: Bead and Pipe Cleaner Ornaments

Ornaments made from pipe cleaners and inexpensive acrylic beads are very attractive and easy to make; they look quite impressive yet are easy for small children to create.  This is one Holiday craft idea you can use over and over.  Older people will also enjoy this craft, and it can be assorted to make a number of sparkling ornaments for your tree.

To make bead and pipe cleaner ornaments, you need pipe cleaners in desired colors (red, green, and white for the Holiday season) and acrylic beads.  Two types of beads are particularly effective when strung on pipe cleaners; one type is sunburst beads, also known as paddlewheel beads, snowflake beads, or starburst beads.  These beads have six faceted paddles spaced equally around the center that contains the hole for stringing.  When several of these beads are strung consecutively, they fit against each other in an interlocking pattern.

The other type of bead that is also effective for this Holiday craft is the tri bead or propeller bead.  It has three rounded bumps arranged around the center hole.  Like the sunburst beads, the tri beads interlock when strung consecutively.  For the most sparkly and attractive ornaments, tri beads and/or sunburst beads in translucent colors of red, green, and clear are preferred.  The tri beads can also be found in metallic gold and silver which can be used in this Holiday craft as well.

Pipe cleaners can be found in silver and gold tinsel as well as chenille of all colors.  For Holiday crafts, the best colors are metallic and Christmas colors.  The beads cover the pipe cleaners, but the ends will need to be twisted together and made into hangers, so they show.

Everyone including small children can string these beads on pipe cleaners.  Bend up the end of the pipe cleaner so the beads don't fall off.  The pipe cleaner works like a needle, making a needle unnecessary.  For best results, alternate colors when stringing, or start a pattern of three colors.  When the beads are strung on the pipe cleaners, they can be bent into different Christmas shapes.  For instance, string red and clear beads alternately, and then bend down one end of the pipe cleaner for a candy cane shape, or alternate red and green beads and form a circle for a wreath.  Use a red pipe cleaner to form a small bow to decorate the wreath.  Form a hanger for the Holiday craft or simply slip the circle over a branch of the tree.

If you experiment with clear beads and silver pipe cleaners, you can make some beautiful snowflake or star ornaments.  Snowflake designs can only be twisted with a silver pipe cleaner, and without the beads for a simple but pretty decoration.

Bead and pipe cleaner ornaments are a Holiday craft you can use each year.  Children and their parents will both appreciate this simple yet creative Holiday craft.

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