Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Glass House Episode 3 Review: The Lizard Lick Glass House in the Big Easy

I missed last week’s episode of The Glass House due to being on vacay and having too much fun to take time to watch.  I was also switching between last night’s episode and Lizard Lick Towing.  Of course, The Bachelorette ran over.   

Since the episode of Lizard Lick seemed interesting, I had to switch between the two shows.  Which one is more interesting?

So The Glass House finally comes on 5 minutes after 9 Central Time.  Like I said, I didn’t get to watch last week’s episode due to being on vacay, but we do know that the viewers voted out Alex last week, and Jacob quit after being sent to Limbo.  I do find it ironic that the viewers voted out Alex after they wanted him to be so obnoxious and cause drama in the house.  Could the viewers have wanted him to act that way so they could vote him out?  Kind of like being set up to fail.  Anyway, at the start of this episode, Apollo and Holly are in Limbo.

This is when I decided to go to Lizard Lick.  On Lizard Lick Towing, Bobby and Ron are trying to repo a vehicle from a group of Civil War Re-enactors.  I felt I needed to watch this episode to see what would happen after Johnny (Ron’s cousin) tried to put the moves on Amy (Ron’s wife in case you didn’t already know).  What happened was Ron wanted Amy to take Johnny to lunch because of some supposed good deed of selling candy for a kid’s church group.  I had to see what would go down so I went back and forth between The Glass House and Lizard Lick.

Now back to The Glass House.  Now it’s the Robin Show.  Robin and Erica had a confrontation about Robin stealing someone’s thunder when Stephanie was talking about her marriage.  It is not easy to keep up with a show such as The Glass House.  The other contestants were wondering if they stood a chance against Stephanie.  Due to her sob story, the others seem to think they would not stand a chance against her.  With that, who will return to the Glass House? Apollo or Holly?  We find out after commercial.

Back from commercial.  Apollo is out and Holly is back in thanks to the viewer’s votes.  Also thanks to the viewer’s votes, Gene and Mike get to share the Friend’s Room.  It appears the flirt Joy likes to flirt with both guys and girls.  Next, it’s down to picking the captains for the next challenge.  The two captains are Ashley and Robin.  Again the losing team’s captain and another player on the losing team get sent to Limbo.  The contestants with the least amount of votes become the team captains.

So now I go back to Lizard Lick.  Amy is very angry at Johnny, and who could blame her?  Someone whose vehicle got repossessed threw Ron’s phone into the lake.  It turns out Johnny the ever-so con man thought he could take advantage of Ron and put the moves on Amy.  So of course Johnny and Ron got into it and told Johnny to leave.  Amy and Bobby never trusted Johnny in the first place.  You just can’t trust someone who’s been in prison.  Sure he claimed to have changed for the better, but anyone can claim that.  Of course Ron felt obligated to trust a family member, and that’s why he did, but he soon did see the writing on the wall.

So ends this half hour episode of Lizard Lick Towing.

Now another episode of Lizard Lick.  Ron and Bobby were given a too good to be true job in the Big Easy.  Of course Amy was very skeptical about this, so she decides to go down to New Orleans.

Now back to The Glass House.  As team captain, Robin wanted to pick a team that would win.  Of course I’d like to win the challenge so I as team captain don’t go to Limbo.  The challenge was to bob for gross stuff.   The object of this challenge was to guess the task the viewers wanted the contestants to perform and the contestant had to perform the task.  If they guessed the wrong task they would get a penalty.  Ashley’s team won so Robin and one of her teammates will be going to Limbo.

Now in New Orleans, the Lizard Lick team had to repossess a truck and had to unattach a float.  Amy then made it down to New Orleans.  She does not like how Dwight, the guy who gave them the job and paid half upfront, runs his business.  Ron and Bobby then had to repossess a hearse with a coffin in it.  It seems the Big Easy is not so easy for the Repo Business.

Guests from The Bachelor visit The Glass House to reveal the viewer’s answers to the contestant’s questions.   One of the answers state that the viewers do not want Holly to stay.

Lizard Lick.  Bobby is running from the people from whom the hearse was repossessed.  The Lizard Lick team allowed them to take the casket out of the hearse which turned out to be a huge mistake.

It turns out there is something shady about Dwight.  The Lizard Lick team goes to collect their fee from him, but Dwight told them they had to have the casket.  Because the casket was not with the hearse this job was considered incomplete.  Therefore an argument ensues and both sides are angry.  A fight breaks out and Dwight throws them out of his office, and so back they go to Lizard Lick.  It’s possible that Dwight was in cahoots with the people who had the hearse repossessed from them.  They were the ones who convinced the Lizard Lick Team that the casket could be kept by the ones who got licked.  I think Dwight got them to do that so he would not have to pay the Lizard Lick team for the job.  Dwight is a con artist.

So now I go back to The Glass House, but it is too late so I didn’t get to see who went to Limbo with Robin as the local news was on by the time I switched back to ABC.  Then again, a show like Lizard Lick Towing is more exciting than a show like The Glass House.

The only connection with the Lizard Lick Glass House in the Big Easy is that Ashley is from the city where the Lizard Lick team got licked. 

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