Saturday, November 3, 2012

November -- National Blog Month

I haven't posted anything as far as a blog lately.  I just haven't had a lot on my mind lately, well, at least nothing coherent that was worth posting, but I've also haven't had much time lately.

With that being said, I understand November is National Blog Month.  I just thought I'd take some time to blog about something regarding that.  Since this is National Blog Month, maybe we should all blog about something that comes to mind.  With the Election, rapidly approaching Holiday Season, and many topics trending online, I'm sure we have something we can write about.

Blogging is an exciting way to write about what's on our minds.  It can help us get things off our chests when something gets to us.  It feels good to express what is going on.

Posting on your blog regularly keeps your blog fresh with new content.  If you want visitors to your blog you need to post regularly to keep it up to date and keep it ranked in the search engines.  Sometimes we could be going in different directions and lose time to do something such as blogging, making your blog become stale.  That's what's happened to me, so if you're like me, you don't want to make your blog go stale.  When you get the chance, take some time to blog.  There's plenty of things that occur in your life that you can blog about.  There's also trending topics that often change with new ones every so often that you can blog about.

With that being said, tonight is the Louisiana State University Tigers versus the University of Alabama Crimson Tide battling it out on the Gridiron.  This will be the rematch of the National BCS Championship games where the Tigers lost to the Crimson Tide; nevertheless, it will be an awesome match.

So blog about something that's on your mind.  Make it long or short, however you want.