Thursday, July 18, 2013

Crackhead Petty Burglars -- The Scum of the Earth

I think it's ridiculous that these young crackheads have to break into homes to grab what they can to get money for their crack.  Of course they are cowards by breaking in when no one is home.  These creatures are the scum of the earth, pathetic imbeciles that should be treated as less than human.

These dumb fucks try breaking into a home that has an alarm.  They make three attempts to break in.  First by jimmying a door but getting what they're trying to use stuck in the key lock.  Next they try a window, but then reconsider.  Third, they try a door that has been barricaded to where no one can open on the inside.  In fact, they try at least four times.  Finally, they break a window which triggers the alarm.  These fucks are described in one word -- PATHETIC.   Yes, these imbeciles are pathetic losers with nothing to live for in their lives except crack.

I hope they kill themselves off with crack because they do not deserve to live.  They deserve to die.  They are beneath normal human beings and should be treated as less than human.  I mean, they are so desperate to break in for a quick grab and go they are willing to do anything.  It's kind of like trying the same thing over and expecting a different result.  I mean, why not give up.  After all, for all that pathetic trying, they get nothing.  What pathetic losers they are.  Finally when they get in the alarm sounds, which scares them off.  Hopefully, they won't be back, but who knows.  After all, that crack has made them mutants or some subspecies of human.

If these pathetic petty criminals are to act like scum, they should be treated as such.  And they should know they are being treated as such, and if they get offended, even better.  I'm sure they were mad by the time they finally break in.  Good, I hope they are mad and I hope they cut themselves on the glass.

So these petty burglar criminal crackheads are a bunch of pathetic loser scumbags who have nothing to live for.  The least they can do is do a favor to the normal human race and off themselves since they are already doing it anyway, just slowly.  Since they have nothing to live for anyway, they should just do it quickly and be done with it.  SCUMBAG CRACKHEADS, YOU WON'T BE MISSED WHEN YOU'RE GONE OFF THIS EARTH.  YOU WON'T BE MISSED WHEN WE DON'T SEE YOU IN HEAVEN AND YOUR BURNING IN HELL!