Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Season Premier of Glass House Recap

So I decided to watch the premier of ABC's Glass House last night.  Could this be a Big Brother knock-off?  Critics seem to think so.  The show deals with contestants put into a glass house, so it is similar to Big Brother in a sense. 

The exception is the viewers control the contestants' actions. There's Alex, a Bail Bondsman from Dallas, a Mormon named Andrea, Ashley from New Orleans, and Apollo, a poet/author.  Wow!  The house is made of glass, I think.  They enter by coming up a glass elevator 2 at a time.  It's made to look like they're coming from the depths of Hell.  Stephanie claims to not be an actress/model type.  In fact, she's a Mensa member who's married with 3 kids.  Alex already seems full of himself. 

The "big brother", more of a big sister calls the contestants together and the first challenge is East vs West, as chosen by the viewers.  Both teams are given one day to choose a team captain, but being team captain can be risky as the captain of the losing team is sent to limbo along with another member of the losing team by vote of the contestants.  Nomination for elimination on this show is called Limbo.   

The contestants are then shown to their rooms.  An enemies room has Holly and Robin, the youngest and oldest in the house respectively.  The friends room is Erica and some other girl who's name I couldn't catch.  The chimes are heard when the viewers weigh in. 

Mardi Gras stuff is given to the contestants for the pool party.  I still have plenty of this year's Spanish Town beads to give if anybody wants them.  Kiss and love is the party game.  This game involves passing a card from a deck of cards to the person next to you by breathing in and holding the card on your lips.  Sushi is also the food chosen. 

So far, this show has so much going on so fast.  Will there be boring live feeds of houseguests doing nothing?  Maybe not 24/7 feeds, but there are live webisodes you can see during certain times.   

Its down to the wire to pick team captains for the challenge.  Jacob was talked into volunteering to be team captain for the West Team.  Of course, he did not know that his home state of Oregon is in the west.  As I said, the captain of the losing team goes into limbo.  Jeffery volunteered to be captain for the East Team.  

Apollo decides to use cards to vote people into limbo.  Yeah that could work while trying not to personally target anyone.  Alphabet strategy, anyone?  Time for the first challenge.  One team member will be voted into limbo with the team captain of the losing team. 

There's lack of communucation on the West Team.  One person was saying do this, but another was saying no do that. 

Alex screams one thing, and Apollo screams another.  Everything this team thought was absolutely backwards, but the West Team finally figured it out and finished the puzzle.   

Now the East Team.  Stephanie becomes like a Co-Captain, and thanks to her intelligence, the East Team gets the puzzle done quicker than the West Team.  Final times: West finishes in  7:04, and East finishes in 3:54.

Therefore, the East Team wins and is safe for the week.  As Team Captain, Jacob is going to limbo this week.  Who will go with him?  

Could Alex already be causing tension in the Glass House?  Kevin, the Police Sergeant, seems irritated with his antics, especially when he tried to hump Stephanie while wearing womens underwear. 

Alex and Kevin are already becoming enemies.  Stephanie did take it better than Kevin did.  Alex wants to be interesting by causing drama in the house.  He is pissing the others off, and he is going to push everybody's buttons now that the viewers have answered his question on whether he should be the villain of the house.   

Alex then decides to attack Joy, the mom who is a Nurse and once posed for Playboy.  He decides to make Joy cry while Gene wants to console her.  Could Gene be playing the nice guy?  Really?  

Jacob is already walking around defeated while Joy is trying to pump him up.  Apollo decides it's time to pull out the cards to help him determine his vote for sending someone to limbo.  Based on the cards dealt, Apollo's vote goes to Ashley when it comes time to vote.  Alex also votes Ashley.   

Alex gets the most votes and is voted into limbo with Jacob. 

It turns out Jacob quit the game after being sent to limbo, but this does not mean Alex automatically goes back into the Glass House.  The viewers still have to vote for Alex to return to the game, which is highly possible they will if they want to be him become a villain.   

So, what do you think of the premier of Glass House?  Will you vote Alex back into the game?  Give your thoughts on the Glass House and watch the online live webisodes.