Friday, March 15, 2013

Liquidating My Domains

There are some domain names I own which I am not using at the moment.  Believing them to have use, I have decided to sell my domain names.  They are available right now, and I am willing to accept offers for these.

My domains currently do not have websites as I am undecided on what I want to do as far as web material.  Plus, I feel my schedule is too busy to manage a website.  What's amazing about a domain is you can use it for a website, or to forward to an affiliate link of a product you are promoting.

As an affiliate marketer, it is good to pay for a domain name to forward to your affiliate site.  This way if you come up with a catchy domain name, it will be easy to remember instead of putting in a long link with an affiliate id.  Plus, no one's going to put in a website with an affiliate id.

A domain name forwarding to an affiliate site is also good because if people see an affiliate id attached to a website, they are not going to buy through your affiliate link.  They will just type in the name of the website, which will cause you to lose the commission.

This is why it is good to have a domain name even if you don't plan to have a website, but you may still want a website.  Domain names can be costly, and the domain name you want may have already been taken by someone else.  This means you can make an offer to purchase that domain name if you can do something great with it.  You can get an expired domain name for cheap.

At this time, I felt the need to liquidate some of my domain names, and I am willing to consider any offer put before me.

The following domains I have for sale via Offer/Counter Offer are:

The following sites are not actively for sale and are currently being forwarded to affiliate sites.  However, I am open to selling these as well and will consider any offer:

If you are interested in the above domains or would like to know more about them, you can types these domains into your browser or click on the link below.