Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stop Thinking Start Doing

Stop Thinking Start Doing...This is the way I believe we should live like.  By thinking too much about doing something, we end up not doing it; thus, we regret not doing it or hope for another chance to do it.  Unfortunately, if we hope for another chance, when that chance comes, we may end up not taking it.  This is because we had more time to think about it, making us hesitate to doing it, and we keep putting it off.

Someone once told me, "the more you think about it, the more you miss."  To me, this is so true.  If you think about things too much, you end up missing out.  We should not miss out on anything.  Thinking about something leads to over-analyzing, which forces us to find something to fear about doing that thing.  This is why we should be spontaneous, and when something comes to mind, we should just do it.

We should do it before we have a chance to think about it, before our peers advise we should not.  Too many factors in the equation can cause conflict, which can lead to more analyzing, which in turn will give more cons than pros as to why we should do it.  In the battle of negative versus positive, negative always wins.  Negative is the bad apple that spoils the bunch.  Throughout time, bad has always overpowered good, not the other way around.  Thereby, we cannot keep the door open for negativity to enter; we have to get on it right away before the negativity can come through.

This is why people lack confidence.  This is why people lack assurance.  People think too much and don't do enough.  Before the negativity can come in, we need to stop thinking and start doing.  When given an opportunity, that is the door opening to invite you in.  We need to let go of our thoughts and accept that invitation.  It's like the movie Yes Man, we need to say "yes" to the opportunity, and greatness will come.  Why?  Because YOU accepted the invitation.  YOU said "yes".  Therefore, you will become successful.  And guess what?  YOU will NOT regret it!

Also, thinking causes you to hold back.  That's because if you think too much, you will find reasons not to do.  You will find more reasons to not do than you will to do.  So jump at the opportunity!  This is the opportunity telling you to take it!

The world is a negative place, all with the down economy, unemployment, corrupt governments, etc.  Do NOT be part of the negativity!  Rise above it.  Don't think about it, DO IT!

I really believe in Stop Thinking Start Doing.  This is why I decided to put it on a T-shirt.  I feel the need to share this with the world, for the good of the human race that each person will achieve what they are capable of, and not thinking about it, but doing it!

So please check out my Zazzle store with the Stop Thinking Start Doing T-shirt.  Also, I have a coffee mug with this saying.

By not thinking but instead doing, you will achieve something great, and you will feel great about yourself!

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