Friday, August 3, 2007

URGENT! We need an answer NOW

In August 2008, what will YOUR life be like?

Will you still be struggling with the challenges holding
you back today ... Or will you have achieved your financial

Imagine: Next summer, being the most successful person at
the barbecue party.

Your friends will ask you how you did it...

... And when they do, my only hope is that you give me and
Derek Gehl a shout-out and say, "With a little help from
Justin B. -- as well as Derek Gehl and his team
at IMC!"

As much as I would like to be available 24-7 to answer all
your Internet business-building questions personally, there's
just no way that's possible. HOWEVER, I can point you toward
the next best thing: Derek Gehl's "Internet Entrepreneur Club."

Derek and his team are prepared to do whatever it takes to help
you leap-frog over the obstacles that are holding you back right
now. That's why they're giving away 30-day memberships to Derek's
exclusive private members-only club -- for 97% off the regular

Search engines got you stumped? Paying through the nose for your
pay-per-clicks? Lost because you don't even know what to sell yet?

No matter what your question is, Derek and his team of experts
will give you a custom-tailored answer in 24 hours or less.

To discover how Derek will help you turn your current challenges into
a distant memory -- for less than a cup of coffee! -- I urge you to
click the link below:

If you have questions, please email
or call 1-800-595-9855.

To your success,

Justin B.

P.S. Don't put this email aside so you can think about it "later."
Because "later" is going to be way too late!

There are fewer than 100 discount memberships still available -- and
they'll be gone before you know it. So hurry! Go to:

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