Monday, July 30, 2007

Two of My Favorite Things...

These are two of my favorite things...

Income 4 Dummies by Jon Davies and One Touch Wealth by Rachel Long.

I have had the chance to read both and boy was I impressed! One way free and the other costs a fee!

Income 4 Dummies tells you how you can turn your computer into a virtual ATM spitting out $40 each time. I just could not believe something for free could tell you something like that, but it's true.

One Touch Wealth just took my breath away. Ms. Long knows what she's talking about. She gives you the information no one else gives you on how you can make money online. You'll learn how you can make some money to tide you over while you're working on making the big money. Only One Touch Wealth will tell you how. Besides, how can someone as cute as Rachel Long steer you wrong? I only paid $47 for it, but who knows how long that price will be before it goes up?

Of course if you're not ready to spend any money or are skeptical, try Income 4 Dummies. You're sure to learn something here as well.

These are the only two books I have read because I don't need any of the fluff and filler. These are both to the point. Read them and you'll see why. I've read them and making some money while on the way to making the big money!

Mr. Davies and Ms. Long are two geniuses who won't let you down. Try them today and you'll be on your way to a streaming income if you follow the advice of these two individuals. Don't let them pass you by!

Income 4 Dummies
One Touch Wealth

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