Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weed Out The Fluff

Internet Marketing newbies easily get frustrated over information overload. Not sure if they will make money, they go in with a lot of skepticisim. Convinced by a highly intriging sales pages with promises of enough income to give up a day job, the newbie buys that e-book.

But guess what? The e-book has fluff. Dissatisfied, the newbie buys another e-book, and then another, only to suffer from eventual information overload. Now the newbie is flat broke with a bunch of worthless e-books filling up his hard drive. Oh, the agony.

But now, there is a way to weed out the fluff and find the one product that will help this newbie make an online income. It is two (2) products that are free, and they work well together--Rational Profits and Work-At-Home (WAH) Watchdog.

Rational Profits is a 5 question quiz that only takes 30 seconds. Just answer 5 simple questions, and you will get a list of informational products on how to make an online income. Take that list and review it. Also, check out the sales pages to see if any of the products on your list are right for you. Rational Profits works for newbies, and seasoned internet marketers can benefit from it as well.

Now that you have your list from Rational Profits, you can take that list and go to WAH Watchdog, where you can see a grade given for the products on your list. This will help you weed out more fluff by eliminating some of the products on you Rational Profits list that have the lowest grades, and if those products are not listed on WAH Watchdog, you can submit the product in question for review. WAH Watchdog also gives you the opportunity to vote on some of the products already listed.

After you are satisfied with the products you have eliminated (hopefully down to 1 or 2), you can see about purchasing that product. Hopefully, you will find it useful and will make you an significant online income. Just remember, you will not become rich overnight as most of these products advertise, but at least you won't end up purchasing product after product to end up with information overload, frustration, more debt, and a hard drive full of useless e-books. Then again, if you have all those e-books on your computer, you can take the time to compile all that information into your own e-book that you can try to sale--I dont' think the "gurus" care if you plagarize their material anyway; in fact, I think some of them actually encourage it!

Anyway, put Rational Profits and WAH Watchdog to good use; they do in fact work well together in weeding out the fluff and eliminating information overload.

Again, Rational Profits & WAH Watchdog.

To your success!

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