Friday, July 20, 2007

A Way to Protect Yourself & The Ones You Love

I recently joined this company called Personal Freedom Plus, and it offers awesome benefits to its members. Some of those benefits include:

With PFP ID Shield, you get:
Unlimited Protective Services
Full-time (Real Time) Assistance
100% Guarantee of Recovery
True Name ID Scan for you and your dependents
1st Step: Call 800# and set you and your dependents up with a Free Monthly True Name ID Scan!

PFP Tax Shield Offers:
Unlimited Advice on Federal Taxation
Free review of last 2 years Tax Returns
IRS Audit & Notification Assistance

Personal Freedom Plus also offers its members Legal Shield, a 24/7 Medical Hotline, Life, and a Financial Shield.

The best part is you can get:

Creation of your own Freedom Team who is proactively protecting you and your family!
Improved Well-Being and Productivity
A system That Does 99% of the work for you!
Supplemental or Life-Changing Income

These are benefits worth over $5,000 for members.

Please check out my sites and take a free tour at or

Take the tour and see in further detail all the benefits of being a Personal Freedom Plus member. What's even better is this system is still in pre-launch until September 1, 2007, so now is the time to get in and take advantage of the opporunities offered, and by the time this program is officially launched, think of all the people you will have in your downline by the launch date!

Again, go to or

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