Friday, March 4, 2011

A Rant

Right now there seems to be confusion in my life. Where am I going, what's going on, etc, etc. etc.

The computer's been going slow, and I don't know what to do
What is the method I should pursue?
Shall I get angry which will get me nothing?
Or should I just shut up and do something?
It seems the only way to explain
Is that nothing will be done if I only complain.

Now that I've decided the way
I should just do what I say
Therefore there is something I must do
If only I knew
What the solution must be
To do what is best for me.

This is the rant I right now hold
But if only I should be so bold
As to take what I had
And see if I really want it that bad
For I can see it as the way
To try and live for a better day!

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