Sunday, April 13, 2008

Newly Released Audio Books

New Releases are great because they match any category, or a category of their own. Here are some newly released audio books that you may want to listen to:

1. Acts of Nature By Jonathon King
Craving some quiet time together, Max Freeman and Detective Sherry Richards retreat to Max's secluded shack deep in the Florida Everglades. No television. No cell phones. No neighbors. It's a perfect and much-needed escape from the daily grind. But when a violent hurricane rips through South Florida obliterating everything in its path, Max and Sherry's peaceful getaway turns into a desperate fight for survival. And the hurricane is only the beginning of the nightmare.
Acts of Nature

2. Nemesis, Part 1 By Vincent Cobb
Author, Vincent Cobb explores the dark side of life in a raw, uncompromising style some might find disturbing. He also concentrates on the depressive aspects of the victims - factors with which he can empathise as a fellow sufferer. We all trust that childhood should be happy and contented, and free from fear and harm, but in reality, for an unfortunate minority, the early formative years are a catalogue of cruelty, terror, and abuse. Nemesis is the second in a series of books from author Vincent Cobb that explore childhood cruelty and psychopathic killings.
Nemesis, Part 1

3. A Short History of Ireland By Dr. Jonathon Bardon
In the wake of its 30th birthday celebrations in 2006, BBC Radio Ulster marked the beginning of a new broadcasting era by embarking on the station’s most ambitious project to date, the recounting of the history of Ireland! For easy digestion, and across the course of a year, the story of the island is told in a series of 240 short documentaries - starting with the Ice Age and the arrival of the first humans through the outbreak of the Second World War.
"A Short History of Ireland"

4. Understanding Karma By Brahma Kumaris
A lecture on the concept of karma (action), an essential ingredient in the practise of Raja Yoga meditation, this title describes the relationship between thinking and behaviour and the means by which, with an understanding of the law of karma, you are able to take responsibility for your own future.
Understanding Karma

5. How To Spot A Liar By Gregory Hartley & Maryann Karnich
Who needs How to Spot a Liar? Anyone with a cheating spouse or manipulative boss. Anyone conducting job interviews or cold-calling prospective customers. Lawyers who need to "read" witnesses and jurors. Anyone trying to survive the dating scene or faced with a string of business meetings with clients. Anyone who has teenagers at home or works on Capitol Hill. In short, anyone whose success and happiness depends on clear interaction with others.
How To Spot A Liar

Check out these new releases and see how they can stimulate your mind as you venture into something new.

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