Saturday, April 19, 2008

Free videos: How to 'build a biz' in 4 days!


Have you heard all the buzz about Derek Gehl's FREE
"Build-a-Biz" video training series that's going to be
released next week?

Here's the scoop: Derek was challenged by a frustrated
blog reader to "put his money where his mouth is" and
PROVE it's possible to build a niche website from
scratch in ONE WEEK or less.

... And Derek's agreed to do it!

Not only that -- he's going to videotape the whole

These videos will be released over a 4-day period
(April 21-24th) -- so YOU can use the strategies
Derek's demonstrating to create your OWN money-making
website in just a matter of days!

You can register for these free "hands-on" instructional
videos NOW at:

I actually spoke to Derek the other day to get the full
"low-down" on this "Build-a-Biz" challenge -- and he said
the videos will cover the following EXTREMELY POWERFUL

DAY #1: Find your niche and a product to sell

DAY #2: Write salescopy that gets people to BUY

DAY #3: Build a website that WORKS!

DAY #4: Start driving traffic with PPC and SEO

As Derek uses these strategies to create his "built from
scratch" website, he'll explain how YOU can make them
work for your OWN website.

So if you want to learn the steps you need to take to build
your own money-making website in as little as ONE WEEK (or

... Reserve your FREE "front-row seat" NOW at:


P.S. People are saying Derek must have some trick up his
sleeve to be able to pull this off -- or that he must have
some sort of crazy new tool to build a money-making website
so FAST.

As an insider, I know he DOES have something in his corner...
Something that's about to take the Internet marketing world

To discover what this "mystery tool" is, sign up for Derek's
FREE videos at:

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