Sunday, September 30, 2007

Your Children Can Master Multiplication In No Time

With Seriously Simple Sums, you'll discover:

*How to multiply ANY 2 or 3 digit number by 11 in less than five seconds
*How to square any number ending with a five in five seconds or less
*Squaring other numbers like 23² or 120²
*How to multiply two decimal numbers together like 1.12 X 9.3
*How to check your answers with a simple, effective method that you can use for all sums!
*Learn about Vertically and Crosswise for those larger sums
*Learn how to estimate Square Roots with these effective methods
*Learn from our large resource of Math Tips and Tricks to amaze your friends!

Everything you'll learn is easy to understand and really works. And will work forever! After all, if it can work for engineers, teachers, nurses and students, it can also work for you.

Check it out now. Go to

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