Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why true “lazy people” almost always make more money than “hard workers”

Fact #1 -- Most people are working too hard to make any realmoney online!

Most people spin their wheels and put in a lot of hours, but atthe end of the day they don't have much to show for it.

Fact #2 -- A few people don't work any harder than theyhave to... yet they make tons more money online and enjoythemselves a whole lot more than everyone else.

Who are these incredibly "lucky" people?

They're called "Lazy Achievers" - and I've found a breakthroughnew ebook by Jim Edwards that teaches you their "secret"strategies, techniques and - most importantly - their mindset!

The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business"How to Work Less, get Paid More... and have tons more Fun!"

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Does this sound familiar?

The more you successful you get, the more *work* comes your way!

More Sales = More Hours = More Work = More Stress!

Now it seems all you did was just create another "job" foryourself on top of everything else!

What happened to the hands-off, "remote-control" business you thought you created when you opened the doors of yourown dot-com?!

Well have no fear!

No matter what type of online business you operate, help is onthe way...

Jim Edwards is a man who's been where you are!

He sold his first ebook way back in 1997 and steadily built this online business up from just a few hundred bucks in salesto now making as much in a single day as many onlinebusinesses make in a month (some even a year!)

His ebooks have generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales and he is the co-author of the ultra-successful ebooks"How to Write and Publish your own eBook... in as little as 7Days" and "33 Days to Online Profits".

But he paid a *heavy* price...

Jim was making a six-figure income, but he slaved away14, 16 even 18 hours a day with no end in sight.

The more "successful" he got -- the more work piled up on him!

Then one day it all changed...

Last summer Jim had a chat with someone he thought he knew quite well - and this amazing ebook grew out of that talk.

The person?

His own father! Dallas Edwards (Jim's co-author) is a man whobrings to the table several decades of business experience ingetting things done easier, better, faster, and cheaper in manydifferent industries.

After some discussion Jim asked his dad a "point-blank"question...

"Can you really work less and make the sameor even *more* money in less time?"

After his dad explained what would later become "The Lazy Man's15 Principles for Success" Jim immediately knew there was abetter way to run his online business.

Jim *immediately* applied these new-found principles to hisexisting business.

What happened next seemed almost like magic....

~ Within 24 hours he immediately eliminated 1-3 hours of timewasted with email *every* day!

~ Within 2 days he finished a project in 4 hours he hadn't beenable to get done for 6 weeks!

~ Within one week he made an EXTRA $3,421!!

~ Within one month he took a vacation to the Bahamas - and made enough money by "remote-control" while on vacation to make his house payment when he got home!

~ Within 3 months his work day dropped to 4-8 hours a day(depending on his current projects).

Don't you want the same results!?!Less Work... More Money... More Fun!

The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business"How to Work Less, get Paid More... and have tons more Fun!"

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Here's the bottom line on this incredible resource...

"The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business" will teach you thetechniques, strategies and, most importantly, the mindset of"Lazy Achievers"

Now you can learn *exactly* what they do and how *you* can join them!

But that's not all!

Jim also got some of the brightest minds online to share theirsecrets for creating and operating super-efficient,money-making online businesses, including:

~ Jay Conrad Levinson - Mr. "Guerrilla Marketing"

~ Yanik Silver - "King of Copywriting"

~ Jonathan Mizel - "The Online Marketing Letter"

~ David Garfinkel - "Advertising Headlines that Make you Rich"

~ Joe Vitale - "Outrageous Copywriting Genius"

~ Larry Chase - "Web Digest for Marketers"

~ ... and 7 more!

These aren't skimpy little two paragraph interviews either!

These are *meaty* full interviews with highly successful people who reveal their best and *proven* techniques, tips, tools and strategies for making more money -- in less time --and having a whole lot more fun doing it!

I urge you -- Don't Hesitate!

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The Lazy Man's Guide to Online Business"How to Work Less, get Paid More... and have tons more Fun!"

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To your success!

P.S. - To make it even better for you Jim is offering the ebookat a very special price along with 3 outrageous BONUSES... butyou must act quickly! Once the world discovers the *secrets* of"Lazy Achievers" the price is going up as high as $49 - Act Now!

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P.P.S. - Don't take my word for it - read what some of thebrightest minds online had to say about this ebook when they got a sneak preview...

"If you feel like you're always spinning your wheels and busting your butt and never getting ahead of the curve, read this book - it's aimed at you!"

Larry Chase
Author, "Essential Business Tactics for the Net"
Publisher, Web Digest for Marketers

"Jim Edwards is anything but a lazy man, yet he shows you how to be lazy and relaxed while amassing a fortune online. His wise words ought to be engraved in your brain and his ebookought to become mandatory reading for anyone interested intapping into the best money-making technology ever invented."

Jay Conrad Levinson
Author, "Guerrilla Marketing" series of books

"Outstanding! I learned some eye-opening secrets for cuttingtime and making money. This book should be called 'Secrets of Lazy Achievers' andeveryone online should have it now!"

Joe Vitale
Author, "How You Can Make $5,000 - $15,000 Each Time You TeachYour Very Own E-mail Only E-Classes!"

"After reading the 'Lazy Mans Guide', I applied two things and Iimmediately made three sales and freed up two hours a day frome-mails! Just by applying the simple system in your book, Ifound three leads, which ended up turning into three closedsales netting me $1200. I certainly would have lost these saleshad I not bothered to take action and apply what your book recommended.

Gene Ramos
Digital 360 Communications

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