Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chocolate: A Heart Medicine?

An every day ratio of dark bitter chocolate could help prevent heart diseases, according to a study by a team of Swiss Researchers.  Swiss Researchers say that the anti-oxidants from chocolate could help blood veins become smaller and less wide, allowing smoother blood flow.

This research team came to the conclusion after testing a group of 20 volunteers who were smokers without serious health problems.  These subjects were asked not to eat any types of aliments rich in anti-oxidants such as apples, onions, or cabbage, and after that they were given 40 grams of different types of chocolate.

Two hours after consuming the chocolate, the echo-graph showed that dark chocolate, with a cocoa percent of at least 74%, significantly improved blood flow.  Additionally, ulterior tests showed that the risk of encountering blood accidents and blockages has been decreased to half of the initial risk.  However, white chocolate did not achieve similar effects.  The researches that performed the study say that dark chocolate contains the biggest quantity of anti-oxidants for one gram than any other products like red vine, green tea, or forests fruits.

Chocolate is indeed an aliment that has many anti-oxidant elements in it, but it also contains fats and glucoses in huge quantities.  Therefore, it can cause weight problems if excessively consumed, so it is best to consume only a moderate amount.

The best thing to do is to adjust your chocolate portion to your actual weight and to the amount of physical effort you make everyday.  Persons involved in a great deal of physical activity can consume chocolate without fear of potential weight problems, but the ones that don’t, like people working in offices, sitting all day in a chair and those not doing any kind of sports are confronted with a big problem if they eat too much chocolate.  So if the organism doesn’t call for sweets, like it does when we are cold, tired or worn out, then chocolate use should be reduced to a minimal portion a day.

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