Monday, August 24, 2009

Bull's Eye Investing

Symbol NYMH
Price .19
Target 1.15
Rating 10 of 10

I only have time to tell a select few investors about the breaking news that's got me excited again. Often times it's not the stocks we hear about everyday that bring the heftiest gains. Often times it's small little known companies that all of a sudden become known.

Simply ask yourself this question.

Do you really want to buy a stock at $20 per share and wait months or possibly years to see a 20% - 100% increase? Or would you rather buy stock in a small viable company and realize a short-term gain of 100% - 3000%?

Take for example NYMET Holdings Inc. (Pinksheets\:NYMH) an innovative metals and mining company headquartered in Port Jefferson, N.Y. that last week announced the completion of an acquisition agreement in Bernice, Louisiana. NYMET's stock was up forty-three percent at the close of trading last week. And we are looking for that momentum to carry forward this week with even bigger gains for savvy investors.

My new big pick is NYMET.PK. The company is quickly becoming a national leader with green solutions with the Green Trade initiative. NYMET.PK an innovative Green Technology solutions company. Put NYMET on your watch list because liquidity is increasing with a huge increase in short interest in July. This could be huge break out for the company on the heels of good news as the shorts are now realizing the NYMET is now a buy!

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