Thursday, May 21, 2009

Website Owners ...New Traffic Trick

Traffic ... we all know it's the absolute lifeblood of our business. And we both
know that you can never have too much of it! The challenge of course is how to get it ... to get 'gobs' of it .. and to get it without busting open the kids piggy bank.

You also want it to last .. no flash in the pan (anyone remember the 'Pet Rock' .. now that was a flash in the pan).

Now you've probably seen all the gimmicks and crazy junk out there. And frankly, some of it does in fact work really well. It just doesn't work really well for more than a handful of people.

Bottom line is that you need something that'll work for you. That'll work for a long time and will work without a Bill Gates like checking account.

Every once in awhile, a truly unique idea comes along that makes you think, "why didn't I think of that" because it's so easy and down right neat.

This is one of those items:

=> It's simple
=> It's straight forward
=> Literally anyone can do this
=> ... and it works.

When I tried this myself, I have to admit that I actual giggled out loud .. good thing only my dog was there to here it ...LOL.

Go take a peek at this yourself. I had to read through the info twice before it made sense to me but you'll get it. Take a peek now.

Unique Traffic Tool



P.S. This is meant for people that already have a website but if think you might have one in the future, you should look at this too.

Unique Traffic Tool

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