Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Would you do better with a Partner? I did...

Do you want to know what finally turned me into an internet success instead of an internet "wanna be"? The secret was really simple actually.

But let me back up a second and tell you how I wasted 3-years screwing around and losing money.

Back in the year 2000, I caught the same internet bug that was spreading like the rhino virus at my daughters day care center.

I mean, who wasn't excited about all the crazy huge deals that were flying around?

Now I wasn't greedy, I just wanted a little slice of that pie so I could work in my pjs instead of a suit I could hang out at home instead of the airport ...nothing more than that.

I figured how hard could that be when I saw an endless stream of 20ish "idea wiz kids" getting bucket loads of dough dumped in their laps (of course ... we all know how that turned out).

So I charged forward with my ideas but the reality was that my ideas were no better than the "whiz kids" ... the only difference being that it was my checking account I was draining and not the investment of the venture capitalists being sucked dry.

So how did I finally flip this around?

By accident really.

You see, I stumbled across a partner in the industry. Someone that took me by the hand and showed me how I could make it online ...taught me the simple tricks that the winners are using everyday.

And here's the strange thing would have thought I would be happy to learn this stuff.

But at first I was really mad ...the kind of mad you get when you get home and realize you left one bag of groceries at the store.

And embarrassed for screwing up for so long when all I had to do was make a few small changes.

Looking back, I realize it was silly to feel this way. I know that without the help from my new partner, my chances of internet survival would have been slim to none.

Do you have a partner right now?

Do you think you could do better if you had someone willing to show you the ropes?

Then I want you to check this out and see if this guy would make a difference to you. He's already way beyond where you're trying to get and he's willing to help you along.

Best of all pull nothing out of your pocket.

That's right ... zip, zero, nada ...not one dime.

Impossible to lose but quite likely the key you need to unlock this crazy internet mystery.

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P.S. Does it work for me personally - YES. That's why I know it'll work for you too.

P.P.S. The short video will explain exactly why he does this for people.

Check It Out Now

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