Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why pdf ebooks don’t work well anymore

You see, I am a complete information junkie. I always have mp3s of the latest course and teleseminar playing in my car. I buy everyone's stuff--which can range in the thousands of dollars.

But one little $10 software helped me to realize the power of physical infoproducts as they have helped me make more money with the same traffic!

Let me ask you something – If you were given a choice between buying a course with a few videos and an ebook for $97 and the same course in physical nicely-packaged DVD format for $97, which would you purchase?


Some clever internet marketers are making a killing using the strategy of having a “physical product upsell” where once the person buys the ebook, there is a higher-priced video/audio upsell of the same ebook and the average figure usually cited is 33% (1 in 3) choose to buy the physical product!

And… Here’s the best part! You can charge shipping and handling fee to break-even on your cost! So that $97 will come straight to your pocket as profit!

When I found out about this I quickly wanted to send you this confidential information.

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Now it's not one of those general information products we're used to seeing in internet marketing.

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