Saturday, August 9, 2008

Do you have your Google scalping knife?

I’ve been telling you about Google Massacre from Andrew X and
Steven Lee Jones.

Have you grabbed your copy yet?

If you’ve read what they say here, I can’t imagine you haven’t
picked it up:


It’s kill or be killed out there, and Google isn’t the bad guy.
Your competition is what counts, and these guys are going to show
you how to intimidate and slaughter them, no matter how much you’ve
been pushed around before.

And now I’m going to let you in on a little secret that these guys
don’t mention, but I’m sure they get it...

Do you know the biggest barrier standing in the way of your success?

I’m sure you could list lots of things, but for most people it’s
ONE thing, and it’s not what they beleive it is.

The biggest barrier for most of us is thinking to SMALL.

Maybe you thought it was the opposite--thinking too big and then
crashing down in disappointment. Not even close.

Ask yourself this...

When was the last time you imagined replacing your current income?
If you hate your job, I bet it was about five minutes ago.

But seriously, why did you stop with that number?

Replacing your current income and bagging your job is a fine goal.
But what if you not only replaced your job, but also got a LIFE?

That’s what Andrew and Steven are talking about here:


Back in the day, you could make a huge pile of income online
without even trying.

It’s still pretty easy to make big paychecks today, but you
absolutely MUST be smarter about it. There’s no other option these

People who aren’t savvy enough to scalp their competition are going
to get scalped themselves. It’s that simple.

That’s why Andrew and Steven’s material is so great. It cuts (no
pun intended) right to the core things you need to do to rack up a
huge income and KEEP it.

They aren’t going to waste your time on tired advice that forces
you to spend through the nose for squat at the end of the day.

Instead, they lay out exactly what you need to do to pass everybody
who’s wasting time on the “slow and steady” approach. You’ll skip
to the head of the line.


Don’t think you’ll be breaking the law, or cheating, or being the
least bit unethical. Not at all. You’ll just be smarter, more
ruthless, and more prepared to invade your market and take it over.

That kind of skill can open the floodgates.

You don’t have to be satisfied with the sweating for pennies anymore.

You don’t have to be satisfied with simply replacing your current

You don’t have to be satisfied with any number smaller than a
completely life-changing haul.

It’s not an overnight thing, but it isn’t slow either. If you
follow the Google Massacre battle instructions, you’ll be there
before you know it.


Here’s to your own Google Massacre,


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