Saturday, March 8, 2008

Losing Your First Pet Part 2

I have received the ashes of Chipper a couple of weeks ago, but I'm just now getting to posting about it. They came in a nice small wooden casket which I have placed on the mantle of my fireplace. I have a picture here.

Along with the ashes came a poem called "In Your Heart". It is a poem found on the website It is by an anonymous author stating that your pet has not left you but is with you in spirit. I shed a tear each time I read that poem because it reminds you that all is not lost " long as you keep me alive in your heart..." I also have a picture of it here, although you might not be able to read it, but I feel I should show what it looks like.

I also received a sympathy card from the vet who tried to save his life. Unfortunately, this was unexpected and untimely, and I did not see his end coming so soon. I do wish there were more answers, but sometimes things are better left not knowing. It all happens for the best, even though it will make you sad at first.

Again, it is hard losing your first pet. It's wierd I'll come home and realize he's not going to be there to great me at the door when I come in, but I will keep him alive in my heart.

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