Sunday, January 6, 2008

Overcoming Skepticism

As with anybody new to internet marketing, it is highly likely these newbies are skeptical to what products will help them make money online. The thing is, they come across these products that include sales pages with pictures of big houses, fancy sports cars, and yachts. It seems these supposed “gurus” are trying to sale dreams to newbies, promising instant riches. Heck, the sales pages even include supposed screenshots of earnings. What are they trying to do?

Dreams for sale! Instant riches! Come on, what are they trying to pull? I’m sure a lot of newbies turn to internet marketing, or affiliate marketing, looking to make some extra cash to pay bills or enjoy a night out. What’s sad is that these “gurus” are playing with a newbie’s mind with the screenshots and pictures of fancy cars and stuff, which could make the newbie feel self-conscious and want to buy the product—hitting where it hurts.

So the newbie buys the product, and is disappointed. He has lost some money instead of making any money. What is he to do?

The truth is, there is a way to make money with internet marketing. You just have to know what you are doing, and yes, there are supposed “gurus” out there trying to cash in on the internet marketing industry by creating products that claim to have made that “guru” an “overnight success”. In truth, the only money the “guru” is making is from the sale of his e-book of “secrets”. That is the reason I’m writing this article—to point the newbie in the right direction.

The right direction is in three products that work together. I’m not selling you anything because they are free. The three products are Rational Profits, Work-At-Home Watchdog, and Internet Marketing Unwrapped.

Alok Jain’s Rational Profits is a 5-question, 30-second quiz that results in a list of recommended products. This works for newbies as well as seasoned internet marketers. The list is narrowed down and tailored to your wants or needs. I would recommend this for any person wanting to get involved in internet marketing.

Moreover, if you are still skeptical after taking the Rational Profits quiz, you can check out WAH Watchdog. WAH Watchdog has a list of products graded on a 5-letter scale, including “+” and “-“. What you do is take your list from Rational Profits and see if any of your products are on WAH Watchdog. If they are, you can look at the product description and learn more about the product. You can also eliminate the products receiving the lowest grade, and if you feel comfortable, purchase the product on your list receiving the highest grade. Hopefully, you will not need to purchase too many products just to earn an income through internet marketing.

Also, if a product on your list is not on WAH Watchdog, you can submit that product for review. You can also vote on products already on the list.

In addition, if you would like further information on internet marketing, or even on the gurus in general, check out Internet Marketing Unwrapped. This is a new product by Heather Vale who has interviewed various internet marketing gurus. Do not let Ms. Vale’s sweet, innocent look fool you because she is a tough-as-nails interviewer who does not budge an inch on the gurus. She really gets it out of them. You will see why I like this product because you get to listen in on those interviews; this will give you the absolute truth to internet marketing, and hopefully, this will help you overcome your skepticism and know that there is in fact money to be made online. So definitely check out Internet Marketing Unwrapped if nothing else.

So again, the following three products will help you in your quest to an income in internet marketing:

Rational Profits

WAH Watchdog

Internet Marketing Unwrapped

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