Friday, November 23, 2007

PTC & PTR Riches

How I'm making $12,000 a month working 30 minutes a day.

Numenmail offers a free membership, including a $800.00 signing bonus. You can also receive payout at $8,888.00, and without a downline. Of course, you and I both know having a downline will earn you even more money because you get $8.00 for referring others to this highly rewarding program.

Fast payments are offered to honest members via PayPal, eGold, MoneyBookers, StormPay, EvoCash, AnyPay, NetPay, Neteller, E-Bullion, Money Order or check, plus international members are welcome. You get paid to read the emails and ads on the best products and opportunities in addition to 4 referal levels of commission: 10% for the first level, 8% for the second, 6% for the third, and 4% for the fourth.

There is also an opportunity to upgrade to gold for $25.00 if you are intested in that.

So check out Numenmail today and make some cash!

Another program allows you to get paid every 30 seconds. ClixSense is free to join, and you can make up to 25 cents for each advertisement you read. All you do is look at the ad for 30 seconds, and when the time is up, you get paid. Sounds awesome, right? This will allow you to receive monthly paychecks by reading ads and referring others as well.

In fact, with ClixSense's affiliate program, you can make 10 cents for each referral, plus you will be paid 5 levels deep for each referral that upgrades to the Premium account and 10% of revenues from any ad your referral places on ClixSense.

To learn more about how ClixSense will make you money, go here this instant.

Do not read commercial emails for free! Read emails on topics that are of interest to you--and get paid to do so. With Hits 4 Pay, you will get paid for reading emails that interest you. You can also refer others and get paid up to two levels.

Hits4Pay is one of very few highest paying advertising
program in the industry.

Signup for free and receive a $10 as a Free Reward.

Finally, there's AdBux, where advertisers will pay YOU to view their ads and complete offers. You can get paid for each ad you read, and also with this, you can earn even more with AdBux's affiliate program--up to 150% of your referree's clicks!

Learn more about AdBux right here.

So yes if you feel skeptical with the so-called "gurus" and their ebooks that supposedly tell you how to make money online, or if you failed with the MLMs. Try Pay-to-click (PTC) or Pay-to-read (PTR) because this is more guaranteed than most of the other ways of making money online.

Recall that 99% of the programs out there are scams, so try this method by combining Numenmail, ClixSense, Hits 4 Pay, & AdBux.

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