Saturday, October 6, 2007

Create a professional looking online listing for your business with our easy to use tools. Free!

The MerchantCircle Network is a great way for local businesses to find new customers. Below are just some of the reasons why your customers will be interested in signing up to the MerchantCircle community:

* Create a professional looking online listing for your
* Create your business' web presence or link to your
existing website.
* Advertise to your local community to bring in new
* Easily create blogs, online coupons, newsletters
and more.
* Manage your online reputation by finding out what
customers are saying about you online.
* Gain potential organic placements on search engine
* Place local ads on Google Adwords, Yahoo and
other networks.
* Network and share customers with other
complimentary businesses.

To learn more, please visit MerchantCircle.

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